GEOASSIST™ – The Next Generation in
GIS Imagery Display

GEOASSIST™ – the latest innovation in parcel-property management, verification and assessment software tools available today.

Our latest technology revolution GEOASSIST™ provides the broadest GIS imagery toolset available today. Quickly and easily view all your GIS data within a user-friendly web based application. Manage, enhance, QA and Change Management have never been easier, more efficient….and more accurate.


The system is cloud-based making it possible for all stake-holders in the ground view imagery project to perform their project activities online from any location.


Change Detection has become a major concern for many of our customers. It is taxing on internal resources which translates into higher costs in managing and maintaining your data.

The GEOASSIST software system offers on-going Change Detection Services:

sketching_serviceIntelligent Sketching Services

  • Instead of just looking for differences in imagery year-to-year, building footprints are based on measured sketches
  • Taxable building component records are assigned  to each footprint
  • Footprints are color-coded to show changes
  • Detailed reports provide a complete audit of the taxable components compared to the footprints
  • County reviews each parcel and updates records as appropriate
  • Process is repeated year-after-year but only for the parcels where changes have occurred

Additionally –

  • A change detection service that compares new oblique aerial imagery to existing records using patented technology
  • All processes meet or exceed accepted IAAO standards
  • An end-to-end system allows quick review and acceptance of changes either in the office or in the field

What’s in it for you?

  • GeoVista high resolution Multi-angle Oblique and Ortho Aerial Imagery of every property
  • ArcGIS intelligent building sketch map showing sketch changes
  • Sketch drawings showing dimensions and areas
  • Detailed reports identifying the changes to existing records
  • Increased revenue from the expanded tax base


Since 1990 GEOSPAN has been focused on meeting property assessment needs through the provision of high quality, spatially accurate Street-Level and Aerial imagery. Our GeoAssist™ Cloud based solution allows customers to quickly and efficiently complete their reassessment/reappraisal projects and much more. We offer the GEOASSIST software system in multiple service levels which are outlined below.

*All GEOSPAN products meet or exceed IAAO standards.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration of the GEOASSIST™ product please contact our Sales Group