Beginning in 1990, GEOSPAN pioneered the field of Visual Geographic Information™.
Always the innovator, GEOSPAN continues to be the leader in the area of geospacial imagery. By continually evolving their GIS technology, GEOSPAN will continue to lead the industry long into the future

“ Our mission is to build and maintain the imagery and critical attributes needed for valuing
and insuring property structures with subscriber notifications as those attributes change.

3daerial_400GEOSPAN is the provider of the technology leading GEOVISTA® spatially accurate imagery products.

GEOSPAN supports a variety of state and local government GIS applications including E9-1-1, emergency management, homeland security, law enforcement, planning, property assessing and addressing, infrastructure inventory, pavement analysis, and transportation.

GEOSPAN serves a variety of private sector markets including real estate buying and selling, visual navigation, risk management, insurance claims, mortgage lending and micro marketing.

GEOVISTA® technology enables the creation of visual geographic information consisting of oblique aerial and street level spatially indexed images of urban streets and the surrounding real estate, addresses of all residential and commercial buildings, accurate maps, and the geographic position of all images.

GEOSPAN uses light aircraft and specialized vans to perform the field data collection and has developed unique processes to assign property identifiers to each building while producing complete and accurate address maps. This GEOVISTA® imagery allows for the validation, inventory, and analysis of neighborhood information by visual inspection from the desktop.

GEOVISTA® imagery allows users to see every location from every angle in a given area and measure anything accurately. GEOVISTA Orthophotography meets National Map Accuracy Standards (NMAS). GEOVISTA® Virtual Tours, 3D Model Generation, and Quantitative Stereo Models are available to enhance your analytical viewing experience.

” GEOVISTA® is changing the way we inventory the infrastructure, plan trips, dispatch emergency vehicles, make decisions, and shop for homes. Consider the benefit of being able to fly and drive through any city without leaving the comfort of your office.”
– Ted Lachinski, President

GeoVista® USA
The GeoVista USA program involves the collection, processing and delivery of the Top 150 U.S. Metro Areas with parcel-level oblique aerial and street-level views for over 67 million properties, resulting in a comprehensive dataset with unparalleled coverage, quality and accuracy.

The GeoVista USA program is an advanced, timely response to Microsoft’s Virtual Earth backed by leading edge, patented technology.

GEOSPAN can provide your Visual Geographic Information™ whether you require ownership, unrestricted licensing, or limited use license to GEOVISTA imagery.

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