GEOVISTA® 3D Aerial Imagery Models

3daerial_400The image shown is a 3D model of Downtown Chicago created with GEOVISTA® Imagery by Precision Light Works.

GEOVISTA oblique aerial imagery provides the perspective views needed for generating dramatic 3D models quickly and efficiently of your city.




Create 3D Models of your city today with dramatic results

  • Visualize impact of proposed construction
  • Check line of sight

3dspatial_400GEOVISTA® 3D Spatial Imaging™

GEOSPAN Patent Application No. 20020191838
(US Patent allowed. Patents pending in Japan, Europe, Australia, and Canada)

“Any Aspect Passive Volumetric Image Processing Method”

GEOVISTA® technology automates the determination of 3D pixel coordinates by transforming oblique images into cylispheric stereo pairs to support autocorrelation of pixels. This technology simplifies “direct image measurement” by automatically correlating same pixels in multiple images.

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