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GEOSPAN is the advanced Photogrammetric industry provider of the highest resolution, most accurate, multi-angle oblique aerial and integrated 360° street-level imagery available.

Our GEOVISTA® imagery products form the foundation for the future of visual search, 3D modeling and maps online using a high precision, low-cost, patented process.

GEOSPAN supports a variety of state and local government GIS applications including E9-1-1, emergency management, homeland security, law enforcement, planning, property assessing and addressing, infrastructure inventory, pavement analysis, and transportation.

Contact us at 1-800-GEOSPAN for additional information.

  • Multi-Angle Oblique Imagery
  • Direct Image Measurement
  • GIS Map Overlays
  • Property Image Cropping
  • Virtual Flying Tour
  • NMAS Aerial Orthophotography
  • 360║ Omni-Directional Imagery
  • Ultra High Resolution
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Address Verification
  • Routing Information
  • Virtual Driving Tours
  • GIS Application Program Interface
  • Automated Pixel Correlation
  • 3D Model Generation
  • 3D Centerline Creation
  • 3D GIS Feature Extraction
  • Quantitative Stereo Models

Key Geospatial 3D Imaging US Patent Allowed

Minneapolis, MN - April 4, 2007 - GEOSPAN Corporation announced today that US Patent Application No. 20020191838 - “Any Aspect Passive Volumetric Image Processing Method” has been allowed by the US Patent Office. The patent is pending in Japan, Europe, Australia, and Canada. The new patent combines with GEOSPAN’s US Patent Number 5,633,946 issued in 1997 to form the intellectual property foundation of next-generation, real-world image processing. This new patent moves GEOSPAN beyond GEOVISTA® Multi-Angle Imaging™
GEOVISTA® 3D Spatial Imaging™.

“GEOSPAN now holds multiple key United States patents in the geospatial imaging industry and our GEOVISTA® technology is changing the way people and companies inventory real assets, plan trips, dispatch emergency vehicles, make infrastructure decisions, and shop for homes,” says Ted Lachinski, President of GEOSPAN. “Consider the benefit of being able to virtually fly and drive through any city without leaving the comfort of your office. This new 3D Spatial Imaging™ technology moves us one step closer to Virtual Presence” - concludes Lachinski.
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Bergmann Associates
Brown & Caldwell
Data Transfer Systems
Edwards and Kelcey
Information Services of Illinois
Parsons Brinckerhoff
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  Property Valuation Assessment  

Based on the IAAO Standard on Mass Appraisal of Real Property dated February 2002, jurisdictions may employ a set of digital image technology tools to replace a routine cyclical field inspection with a computer assisted office review. GEOSPAN can provide your jurisdiction with all of your imagery needs.
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  Transportation Asset Management  

State and Local government has the responsibility for nearly everything that can be seen from the public right-of-way. The expectations of modern-day customer service often translate to increasing demands for ‘discovery process’ field visits that can outpace available resources.
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  911 Public Safety  

Modern E9-1-1 systems offer tremendous capabilities for managing communications and getting emergency responses to the right point. Research indicates that the biggest concern for 911 callers is whether the help being dispatched to the correct location.
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  Pavement Condition Evaluation  

Modern pavement management systems support proactive pavement maintenance to avoid costly replacement and improve the conditions of the roadways. The problem has been the tremendous amount of time and cost to collect the pavement condition information needed to make these life cycle management systems successful.
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  Internet Search & Mapping  

The major Internet search and mapping companies have recognized that mapping and imagery attract consumers to their portals, which in turns generates more commerce. Whether a consumer is searching for a travel destination or the local Starbucks, answering the questions of “where a destination is located and what would I see if I go there” greatly improves the amount of commerce supported from search engines. Read More ...

  Home Buying & Selling  

Exterior property and neighborhood imagery is a very effective tool for communicating the true value of residential properties. GEOSPAN has an array of Home Buying and Selling solutions.
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  Commercial Real Estate  

Exterior commercial property imagery is a very effective tool for communicating the true value of a building to parties interested in commercial real estate buying, selling, or leasing.
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  Visual Navigation  

The prevalence of in-vehicle navigation systems is expected to explode over the next five years as a result of technical advances accelerating the adoption curve. The cost of navigation hardware is headed down the path of cell phones where the equipment becomes almost free to in-vehicle navigation data subscribers. Read More ...


Residential and commercial MLS Associations that integrate GEOVISTA oblique and street-level imagery tours into their property databases provide a tremendous amount of efficiency to their membership.
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The property insurance industry has an on-going need for exterior condition inspections as part of their underwriting, re-underwriting and claim settlement processes.
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  Mortgage Lending  

The mortgage lending industry has an on-going need for exterior condition inspections as part of their mortgage approval process. A simple “drive-by Appraisal” is used for some mortgage approvals.
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  Newpaper Publishers  

Classified sections of newspapers are still the first source for consumers to learn about real estate for sale. Newspapers that license access to GEOVISTA® Oblique Aerial and street-level property imagery can increase real estate classified revenues by eliminating the need for home sellers to supply their own picture and reduce the lead-time needed for buying classified ads with property pictures.
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